Texture in the Landscape

RDH Landscape

Variations of texture in the landscape are a great way to add interest and intrigue to any landscape setting.  In this Centennial, Colorado garden, combining Coreopsis and Blue Avena Grass not only provides a great color contrast but a wonderful textural difference.  Many plant combinations can be used to create dynamic effects to help add that special pizzazz to any landscape setting.  Some plants to consider for creating those textural additions include Ornamental grasses, Baby’s Breath, Coneflower, Ferns, Sedums, Thyme, Barberry, Burning Bush, Ninebark, Smoke Tree, Sumacs, Willows, Junipers, Holly, Pyracantha, Spruce, and Yew to name a few.  A well-planned Colorado garden or landscape should take full advantage of the textural differences of the plant palette.

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