Site Inventory / Site Analysis

RDH Landscape

Prior to implementing a successful landscape development or modification, a thorough inventory and analysis of the existing site must be completed. A site inventory is simply that…a count and measurement of all existing improvements that will affect or be impacted by the new development. A site analysis is a thorough study of many factors that should be considered while developing plans for the new improvements. Some of these include topography, sun/shade patterns, the condition and type of existing amenities, views (both on-site and off-site), wind patterns, soil conditions, traffic patterns (both automobile and pedestrian), drainage (both on-site and off-site), lighting, utilities, user demographics, and adjacent uses. If a thorough inventory and analysis are done before any improvements are completed, a successful landscape project can be anticipated. This will also ensure the long-term satisfaction of the end-user. Contact rdh Landscape for assistance with your next landscape/hardscape project.

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