• Residential, commercial, new, and remodel. The process for most projects will include site inventory and analysis, concept development and final construction documents.
  • Solutions utilizing most current technologies
  • Establishing and maintaining realistic budgets
  • Connecting interior and exterior spaces
  • Promoting intelligent resource use
  • Enhancing available site amenities
  • Planting, hardscape, lighting, and irrigation plans


  • In some instances, a complete landscape plan is not required. Hourly on-site advice or assessments to address specific problems or issues may suit your requirements.
  • Landscape evaluation and recommendations
  • Irrigation system analysis and recommendations
  • Insect and disease diagnosis and management practices
  • Property landscape evaluation assessments
  • Insurance claim cost assessments
  • Drainage mitigation/water damage solutions


  • To eliminate the hassles of the construction process, let rdh Landscape manage the installation of your landscape project.
  • Pre-qualification and selection of contractor and subcontractors
  • Site inspections for adherence to specifications throughout the install process
  • Materials / Submittals inspection and approval
  • Invoice verification and reconciliation
  • Photographic journal documenting entire install process
  • Final site walk-through and inspection


  • Selling a property? Having a party? rdh Landscape can prepare your site to achieve the most professional appearance possible with a minimum of expense and time.
  • Consultation services with either the home seller or realtor (both if desired)
  • Assessment of priority areas and development of appropriate action plan
  • Landscape clean-up, weeding, and pruning
  • Hardscape (patios, furniture, etc.) clean-up and repair